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Sola Sobowale

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Sola Sobowale is a Nigerian Actress, Screenwriter and Producer, known for her roles in "Asewo to re Mecca" (1992), "Iru Oka", "Dangerous Twins" (2004), "Madam Dearest", "The Wedding Party" (2016) and "The Wedding Party 2" (2017). Sola Sobowale is known for her roles on Television as Toyin Tomato in the Super Story TV series Oh Father, Oh Daughter and as Mama Seki in Hustle.

Born in Ondo State Nigeria, to Mr. and Mrs. Olagookun, Sola Sobowale opted out of a College of Education and travelled to Ibadan to pursue her acting dream. With the assistance of her brother-in-law, Tunji Oyelana, Sola was enrolled in the Department of Music of the University of Ibadan. She would later switch to Theatre Arts in the same University. Though she gained recognition in the Yoruba film sector of Nollywood, Sola has long established herself as a cross-over actor, starring in both English and Yoruba films, television series and is stage productions such as Femi Osofisan’s Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again.

As an Actress, Screenwriter and Producer, Sola Sobowale holds credits in: "Diamond Ring", "Eri Okan", "Ibinu Elewon", "Outkast", "Ohun Oko Somida", "Nectar", "Family on Fire", "George Brown", "Bo Seyekori", "Wives on Strike: The Revolution", "Christmas is Coming", "Witness Box", and the upcoming Tade Ogidan film, "Golden Statue" among many others.

Sola Sobowale is married to Dotun Sobowale and together they have five children .
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