Trending Celebs/People Right Now

#1. Mawuli Gavor

Ghanaian born actor, Mawuli Gavor was born, Mawuli Peter Gavor in Accra, Ghana. He holds a degree in Business Management and Finance, and worked as an accountant prior to his actin...

#11. Franca Brown

Franca Brown is a Nigerian actress, film producer and director. She is known for ''Behind the Clouds'' (TV Soap, 1980's), ''Jezebel'' (1994), ''Obstacles'' (1998), ''The Price'' (1...

#12. Paul Sambo

Paul Sambo is a Nigerian actor known for ''Mr. and Mrs. (2012), ''Dry'' (2014), ''Fool's Paradise'' (2015), ''Behind the Curtains'' (2015), ''Sons of The Caliphate'' (TV Series, 20...