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King Of Boys: The Return Of The King

2021 - 2021 | PG-16 | 0min

Genre | Drama , Thriller

Language | English

Subtitle |


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Eniola Salami's unexpected return to the country, after five years causes an uproar. Meeting existing battles and formation of new enemies, Eniola will have to fight harder for her place even while she battles with her inner torturous demons.

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Cast and Crew
Kemi Adetiba picks up brilliantly from where she left. Unlike many, this is sequel that's worth the wait. More than the first part, we stayed glued for seven hours to this intense masterpiece that has made us Oliver Twist (we want more!). Except for the brilliance (actors and crew), everything else is perfect! And to think that for some moment, we thought of being Laaburu.....This is a sequel surpassing expectations. Baton well passed!
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