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Alexx Ekubo

Date of Birth | April 10, 1986 (36 years)


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Alexx Ekubo is a Nigerian actor. He was born in Port Harcourt on 10th April, 1986 to Jane Ekubo, a fashion designer, and Mazi Alex Ekubo, a petroleum marketer. He is the second of four children. Ekubo attended K.Kotun Nursery and Primary School, Lagos; Federal Government College, Daura, Katsina; University of Calabar, from where he holds a degree in Law; and Calabar Polytechnic, from where he holds a diploma in Mass Communication.

Ekubo is known for ‘’Sinners in the House’’ (2005), ‘’Aina’’ (2011), ‘’Weekend Getaway’’ (2012), ‘’In the Cupboard’’ (2012), ‘’Keeping My Man’’ (2013), ‘’Lagos Cougars’’ (2013), ‘’A.Y’s Crib’’ (Sitcom, 2013-present), ‘’Hazeezat’’ (2014), ‘’Champagne’’ (2014), ‘’Gold Diggin’’ (2014), ‘’Single, Married and Complicated’’ (2014), ‘’Ifedolapo’’ (2014), ‘’What’s Within’’ (2014), ‘’Gbomo Gbomo Express’’ (2015), ‘’Stolen Lives’’ (2015), ‘’The First Lady’’ (2015), ‘’Death Toll’’ (2015), ‘’Baby Shower’’ (2016), ‘’Bad Agents’’ (2016), ‘’41Love’’ (2016), ‘’Hello’’ (2016), ‘’The Other Side of the Coin’’ (2016), ‘’A Man for the Weekend’’ (2017), ‘’’’ (2017), ‘’3 is a Crowd’’ (2017), ’10 Days in Sun City’’ (2017), ‘’Not Enough’’ (2017), ‘’Inikpi’’ (2017), ‘’London Fever’’ (2017), ‘’Lost in London’’ (2017), and ‘’Baby Daddy’’ (2017).

In 2012, Ekubo won the award for Most Promising Actor at the 4th Best of Nollywood Award for his role in ‘’In the Cupboard’’. In 2013, he won the award for Best Supporting Actor at the 5th Best of Nollywood Award and at the 2nd Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards for his role in ‘’Weekend Getaway’’.

Ekubo is a native of Ujari, in Arochuckwu Local Government Area of Abia State.
Twitter: @AlexxEkubo
Instagram: @alexxekubo
Email: [email protected]