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Omowunmi Dada

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Actor - Casting Director

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Omowunmi Dada is a Nigerian Film Television and Stage Actress known for her roles in “Ojuju” (2014), “The Antique” (2014) and “Omugwo” (2017). In 2015, Omowunmi won the award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Ojuju. In 2017, Omowunmi Dada began starring on the Africa Magic series, “Jemeji”. In the same year, Omowunmi received the City Paople Movie Award nomination for Best Upcoming Actress.

Born (October 2) and bred in Lagos, Omowunmi attended Ifako International Nursery and Primary School and Command Day Secondary School, Oshodi, for her primary and secondary education respectively. Omowunmi holds a degree in Creative Arts from the University of Lagos.

Omowunmi’s acting career began on the stage production of Moremi Ajasoro, and has backed it up with incredible performances in “Nigeria the Beautiful”, “The Trails of Brother Jero”, “Death and the King’s Horesmen”, “Oya”, “The Lion and The Jewel”, “Vision of St. Bernadette” and “Isale Eko”.
Omowunmi Dada made her screen debut in "Oya" opposite veteran actor, Tunji Sotimirin. She went on to work in Fidelis Duker’s reality show, “Kids Alone”. Omowunmi has starred in leading roles in several blockbusters such as: “The Wages” (2013), “Love, Lies and Alibi” (2014), “Not Right” (2014), “A Place Called Happy” (2015), “Yes, I Don’t” (2016), “Romance is Overrated” (2016), “King Invincible” (2017), “Somewhere in the Dark” (2017), “Bias” (2017), “” (2017), “Moremi” (2017), “Public Property” (2017), “Something Wicked” (2017),
Omowunmi owns credits in television series such as: “Tinsel”, “Casino”, “Tales of Eve”, and “Best Friends”.

Omowunmi Dada is single.
Twitter: @dadaomowunmi
Instagram: @omowunmi_dada
Email: [email protected]