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Ini Edo

Date of Birth | April 23, 1982 (39 years)

Actor - Producer

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Ini Edo is a Nigerian Film Actress and Producer known for ''Thick Madam'' (2003), ''World Apart'' (2004), ''Reloaded'' (2009), ''I'll Take My Chances'' (2011), ''Weekend Getaway'' (2012), and ''While You Slept'' (2015).

Born Iniobong Edo Ekim on the 23rd of April, 1982, in Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Edo is the second of four children. She attended Cornelia Conelly College, Uyo, and holds a diploma in Theater Arts from the University of Uyo. Edo also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Calabar. In 2014, Ini Edo received a scholarship to study law at the National Open University.

Making her career debut in ''Thick Madam'' (2003), and having gained recognition for her performance, Edo's career breakthrough came in ''World Apart'' (2004). Following her performance in World Apart, Edo rose to prominence with stellar performances in ''Ass on Fire'', ''Sleek Ladies'', ''Native Son'', ''Ghetto Queen'', ''Political Control'', ''Breathe Again'', ''Blind Kingdom'', ''Secret Fantasy'', ''Games Men Play'', ''Price of Fame'', ''Supremacy'', ''Fatal Seduction'', ''Total Control'', ''Girls Cot'', ''My Heart Your Home'', ''Nowhere To Run'', ''Traumatized'', ''War Game'', ''Cold War'', ''Crying Angel'', ''Desperate Billionaire'', ''At All Cost'', ''Lonely Hearts'', ''11:45…Too Late'', ''Last Game'', ''Living in Tears'', ''Men Do Cry'', ''Pretty Angels'', ''Royal Package'', ''Emotional Blackmail'', ''Eye of The Gods'', ''Unforeseen'', ''Faces of Beauty'', ''Security Risk'', ''Stronghold'', ''Not Yours'', ''Legacy'', ''Sisters On Fire'', ''Love Crime'', ''Battle for Bride'', ''Bride’s War'', ''A Dance for The Prince'', ''Mad Sex'', ''Too Late to Claim'', ''My Heart Your Home'', ''White Hunters'', ''Ultimate Crises'', ''Silence of The Gods'', ''Dangerous'', ''Indecent Girl'', ''Caged Lovers'', ''The One I Trust'', ''Not Yours!'', ''Last Picnic'', ''Married to The Enemy'', ''Desperate Need'', ''Sacrifice for Love'', ''The Greatest Sacrifice'', ''Wild and Dirty'', ''Live to Remember'', ''Desperate Maid'', ''Princess Throne'', ''Beyond Intimidation'', ''Queen of The Jungle'', ''Prince of Peace'', ''The Torment'', ''The Mistress'', ''Mothers In-Law'', ''The Celebrity'', ''Love Games'', ''Most Wanted Bachelor'', ''Inale'', ''In the Cupboard'', ''Caro The Iron Bender'', ''Behind the Melody'', ''Edikan Nigeria'', ''Nkasi the Village Fighter'', ''Code of Silence'', ''The Patient''

In 2010, Edo made her debut as a producer. She has co-produced with filmmaker, Emem Isong, and starred in ''Memories of The Heart'' (2010), ''I’ll Take My Chances'' (2011), ''Weekend Getaway'' (2012), ''Knocking on Heaven’s Door'' (2014), and ''While You Slept'' (2015).

In 2006, Edo became a brand ambassador for Nigerian Telecommunication Company, Globacom, and in 2011, she became the ambassador of Noble Hair Range for Rebecca Hair Products. In 2016, Edo became an ambassador for Slim Tea Nigeria.

Edo was married to Philip Ehiagwina from 2008-2014. In 2016, Edo was appointed Special Adviser on Tourism and Development to Akwa Ibom State Governor, Udom Emmanuel.

instagram: @iniedo