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Bolanle Ninalowo

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Bolanle Ninalowo is a Nigerian actor. He studied Accounting at DeVry University, and Marketing at Keller Graduate School of Management, both in Chicago, United States of America. A former banker, Ninalowo’s passion for acting made him notable for ‘’What’s Within’’ (2014), ‘’Ordinary People’’ (2014), ‘’Road to Yesterday’’ (2015), ‘’Spotlight’’ (2015), ‘’Desperate Baby Mother’’ (2015), ‘’Husbands of Lagos’’ (TV Series, 2015-Present), ‘’Picture Perfect’’ (2017), ‘’Dagger’’ (2017), ‘’The Patient’’ (2017), ‘’The Devil and the Red Sea’’ (2017), ‘’Last Affair’’ (2017), ‘’30 Years a Virgin’’ (2017), ‘’Tiwa’s Baggage’’ (2017), ‘’Tangled Web’’ (2017), ‘’Purple But Not Purple’’ (2017), ‘’The Bunglers’’ (2017), ‘’Tesho: The Crossover’’ (2017), ‘’Unveil’’ (2017), ‘’Side Chicks’’ (2017), ‘’American Boy’’ (2017), ‘’The Personal Assistant’’ (2017), ‘’A Fire in the Rain’’ (2017), ‘’My Wife and I’’ (2017), ‘’Ratnik’’ (2018), ‘’Divorce Not Allowed’’ (2018), ‘’Black Men Rock’’ (2018), ‘’Next Door Nuisance’’ (2018), ‘’Body of Evidence’’ (2018), ‘’Coming from Insanity’’ (2018), and ‘’Ghetto Bred’’ (2018). In 2017, Ninalowo won the award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for an English movie at the Best of Nollywood Awards for his role in ‘’Picture Perfect’’.

Ninalowo has two children, a girl, Aliyah and a boy, Morakinyo.
Instagram: @iamnino_b
Email: [email protected]