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Gabriel Afolayan

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Gabriel Afolayan (b. March 1st) is a Nigerian actor known for ‘’Aramotu’’ (2010), ‘’Hoodrush’’ (2012), ‘’Ojuju’’ (2014), ‘’Okafor’s Law’’ (2016), and ‘’Tatu’’ (2017). In 2013, Afolayan won the Best Supporting Actor award at the 9th Africa Movie Academy Awards for his role in ‘’Hoodrush’’.

The son of late Nigerian actor and filmmaker Adeyemi ‘Ade Love’ Afolayan, Afolayan holds a Bachelor of Art degree in Theater Arts from the University of Ibadan. He is also notable for ‘’Madam Dearest’’ (2005), ‘’Ija Okan’’ (2006), ‘’Heroes and Zeros’’ (2012), ‘’Taste of Love’’ (Telenovela, 2014), ‘’The Antique’’ (2014), ‘’First Cause’’ (2015), ‘’Oracles Online’’ (2015), ‘’Hanatu’’ (2017), ‘’Something Wicked’’ (2017), ‘’Alakada: Reloaded’’ (2017), ‘’King Invincible’’ (2017), and ‘’Coming from Insanity’’ (2018).

Afolayan is the brother of renowned actor cum filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan, and actors Moji and Aremu Afolayan, and the nephew of actor, Toyin Afolayan. He is married to Banke Afolayan (m. April 5, 2018)
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