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Shawn Faqua

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Shawn Faqua is a Nigerian actor. He studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Port Harcourt and went on to bag a certificate in acting from the Nollywood Upgrade Training Program in association with the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University. Faqua is known for ''The Last Ritual'' (2010), ''A Love like Ours'' (2011), ''Four Crooks and a Rookie'' (2011), ''Lagos Cougars'' (2013), ''A New You'' (2013), ''After the Proposal'' (2013), ''Gidi Up'' (Web Series, 2013), ''Oasis'' (TV Series, 2014), '''Acquired Taste'' (Short, 2014), ''Render to Caesar'' (2014), ''The Twin Sword'' (2014), ''Red Card'' (2015), ''Code of Silence'' (2015), ''Out of The Ghetto'' (2015), ''Put a Ring on It'' (2016), ''Head over Heels'' (TV Series, 2016), ''The Door'' (2017), ''3 Some'' (2017), ''Mascara'' (TV Series, 2017), ''August Visitor'' (2017), ''Sugar Boy'' (2017), ''No Way Out'' (2017), ''Zahra'' (2017), ''Ojukokoro: Greed'' (2017), ''In Line'' (2017), ''Esohe'' (2017), ''Kofa'' (2018), ''Nigerian Prince'' (2018) and ''King of Boys'' (2018).
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