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Eucharia Anunobi

Date of Birth | May 25, 1965 (55 years)


Nigerian actress Eucharia Anunobi was born on May 25, 1965 in Owerri, Imo State. She studied at the Institute of Management Technology, Enugu, where she holds a National Diploma in Mass Communication; and the University of Nigeria Nsukka where she holds a degree in English Language.

Anunobi came into limelight and rose to prominence in the 1996 movie, ''Glamour Girls 2''. She has starred in over 100 movies and is notable for ''Glamour Girls 2'', ''Orange Girl'', ''Death Warrant'', ''Desperadoes'', ''Benita'', ''Heartless'', ''Died Wretched'', ''Battle of Musanga'', ''Back Stabber'', ''War for War'', ''Abuja Connection'', ''Deadly Kiss'', ''Identity'', ''Deep Loss'', ''Diamond Lady 2: The Business Woman'', ''Expensive Game'', ''Falling Apart'', ''For Real'', ''Home Sickness'', ''Last Decision'', ''Love'', ''Titanic Tussle'', ''When You are Mine'', ''Women at Large'', ''19 Macaulay Street'', ''Emotional Blunder'', ''Evil Desire'', ''Heritage of Sorrow'', ''Joy of a Mother'', ''My Only Girl'', ''Occultic Wedding'', ''Computer Girls'', ''Emotional Pain'', ''Expensive Error'', ''Handsome'', ''Hot Lover'', ''Lagos Babes'', ''Mother’s Help'', ''Reckless Babes'', ''Show Bobo: The American Boys'', ''Sister Mary'', ''Society Lady'', ''The Only Hope'', ''The Storm is Over'', ''What Women Want'', ''Evil-Doers'', ''Not with my Daughter'', ''Thanksgiving'', ''The Dreamer'', ''Unbreakable Affair'', ''No Way Out'', ''Rings of Fire'', ''Second Adam'', ''Secret Affairs'', ''Shadows of Tears'', ''Sins of My Mother'', ''The Bank Manager'', ''To Love a Stranger'', ''Torn Apart'', ''Total Disgrace'', ''Tricks of Women'', ''Unexpected Mission'', ''Big Hit'', ''Miss Nigeria'', ''Dorothy My Love'', ''Not By Power'', ''Home Apart'', ''Armageddon King'', ''Final Tussle'', ''Black Night in South America'', ''Heavy Storm'', ''Official Romance'', ''Drug Baron'', ''Bird Flu'', ''Price of Hatred'', ''The Maid'', ''Fine Things'', ''My Own Share'', ''Family Battle'', ''Dangerous Blind Man'', ''Cover Up'', ''Never Say Ever'', ''Desire'', ''My Darling Princess'', ''The Trinity'', ''100% Husband'', ''Short of Time'', ''Spiritual Challenge'', ''Confidential Romance'', ''Sister’s Heart'', ''Sacred Heart'', ''Area Mama'', ''Breaking Heart'', ''Letters to A Stranger'', ''Perfect Seduction'', and ''The Gamblers''.

Anunobi was married to Charles Ekwu from 2000-2009, and has a son, Raymond, who died on August 22nd, 2017 from complications arising from sickle cell anemia. Anunobi is an Evangelist.
Instagram: @euchariaanunobi