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Belinda Effah

Date of Birth | December 14, 1989 (31 years)


Belinda Effah is an award winning Nigerian Actress, known for her roles in ''Kokomma'' (2012), ''Alan Poza'' (2013), and ''Apaye'' (2014). She came into limelight in the TV series, ''Shallow Waters'' (2005). Effah’s performance in the Ibibio Language film, ''Kokoma'', earned her the awards for Most Promising Actress at the 2012 Best of Nollywood (BON) Awards; Best New Actress at the 2012 Golden Icons Academy Movie Award (GIAMA); and Most Promising Act at the 9th Africa Movie Academy Award. In 2014, she won the award for Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Icons Academy Movie Academy Award for her role in ''Apaye''.

Born in Calabar, Effah is the 12th of 14 children. She attended Hillside International Nursery and Primary School; and completed her secondary education at Nigerian Navy Secondary School, both in Port Harcourt. She proceeded to the University of Calabar where she holds a degree in Genetics and Bio-Technology.

An alumnus of the reality TV show, Next Movie Star, Effah’s first feature role came as ''Nkoyo'' in the Mnet short film, ''The Room''. Though Effah gained recognition for her performance in the film, but it wasn't until 2011 that she began to rise to prominence. Effah is notable for: ''Udeme Mmi'', ''Java’s House'', ''Mrs. Somebody'', ''Enquire'', ''Bigger Ladies'', ''Lonely Hearts'', ''Jump and Pass'', ''The Hunters'', ''Mama Africa'', ''Havillah'', ''Mr and Mrs Onoja'', ''Web of Love'', ''Chop Banana'', ''Misplaced'', ''After the Proposal'', ''Cat and Mouse'', ''Oracles Online'', ''The Banker'', ''Stop'', ''Azonto Babes'', ''Lost Pride'', ''2 Broken'', ''Ojuju Calabar'', ''Bambitious'', ''Luke of Lies'', ''Folly, ''Keeping Secrets'', ''Heroes and Villains'', ''So in Love'', ''Being Single'', and ''Black Val'', ''Refugees'', ''Blood in The Lagoon'', and ''Talking Dolls''.

Effah is also notable on TV for her performances in ''Hills and Valleys'', ''Fantastic Fanatic'', and ''Tales of Eve''.

In 2016, Effah was delivered of a baby boy in the USA.

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Instagram: @belindaeffah