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2018 | PG-16 | 1h 20min

Genre | Drama , Thriller

Language | English , Pidgin English

Subtitle | None


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When Becky got a job, the best idea seemed to have been getting a nanny for her daughter. After conducting an interview, she decided to hire someone who seemed like the best fit. It's all well and good until few weeks later, her daughter is kidnapped and the nanny shot. After negotiations with the kidnappers and the police's involvement, the child is implied to be killed. Unable to bear the grieve and upset with her husband, Becky goes to another state where she coincidentally meets a look-alike of her dead nanny. Despite all proof provided to her, Becky is unable to let it go and strongly believes they are not different people. She will do anything to uncover the truth.

submited by nisola

Cast and Crew