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Ijeoma Grace Agu

Date of Birth | June 16, 1985 (37 years)

Actor - Producer

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Ijeoma Grace Agu is a Nigerian actress and film producer. She began her career on stage at the age of 14 and made her screen debut in the TV series, ‘’Eldorado’’ (2007). Agu is known for ‘’Aina’’ (2011), ‘’Hoodrush’’ (2012), ‘’Misfits’’ (2013), ‘’Flower Girl’’ (2013), ‘’Kpians: The Feast of Souls’’ (2014), ‘’Taxi Driver: Oko Ashewo’’ (2015), ‘’Just Not Married’’ (2016), ‘’Jimi Bendel’’ (2016), ‘’Beyond Blood’’ (2016), ‘’One Room’’ (2016), ‘’Stranger than Ever’’ (2017), ‘’A Case of Free Will’’ (2017), ‘’For My Girls’’ (2017), ‘’Blogger’s Wife’’ (2017), ‘’Stuck On You’’ (2017), ‘’Uncloaked’’ (2017), ‘’Love Lost’’ (2017), ‘’Timeless’’ (2017), ‘’In Our Trap’’ (2017), ‘’Not So Happily Married’’ (TV Series, 2018), ‘’Dear Mummy B’’ (2018), ‘’War and Peace’’ (2018), ‘’Love in A Time of Kekes’’ (2018), ‘’Sylvia’’ (2018), and ‘’Kofa’’ (2018). In 2014, Agu won the award for Most Promising Actress at the 6th Best of Nollywood Awards for her role in ‘’Misfits’’. In 2016, Agu received a nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role at the 12th Africa Movie Academy Awards for her roles in ‘’Taxi Driver: Oko Ashewo’’ and ‘’Jimi Bendel’’. Agu is notable for producing ‘’Love Lost’’, ‘’In Our Trap’’, ‘’A Case of Free Will’’, ‘’For My Girls’’, ‘’Uncloaked’’, and ‘’Timeless’’.

Agu holds a degree in Biochemistry from the Nnamdi Azikwe University, Awka, Anambra State. She is married to Nigerian filmmaker, Daniel Emeke Oriahi. She has one child, a daughter, Brienne.
Twitter: @graceyworld
Instagram: @ijeomagraceagu
Email: [email protected]